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Relocation has become a standard way of life in every town and city. People sometimes wish to relocate locally in the same locality, so they only prefer to hire vehicles and manage the packing at their own end. A lot of hard work is needed in relocation. It largely depends upon the size of the house and number of goods, and also several other factors. Choosing a Packer and Mover in Kakinada can make your relocation comfortable.

From making lists, to choosing the type of packing for valuable goods and appliances can take a toll on people. Arranging vehicles and ensuring that the labour will do justice with the safety of items is not easy. Meanwhile, unloading from trucks and positioning back into a new place can take hours. For such tasks, taking the help of a professional packer and mover is recommended.

Types of Packers and Movers Services in Kakinada

The services provided by a packer and mover may be of the same nature but some packing and moving services offer insurance claims and other additional packing services through packages. 

Some common tasks done by most packers and movers in Kakinada are as below:

  1. Packing: Packing is the foremost requirement in any relocation. There are different kinds of packing paperboard or carton packing, plastic box packing etc.
  2. Loading: Packers offer loading of goods and items on all occasions. This type of service also offers insurance of goods and customers can claim damages.
  3. Goods repositioning: Packing and moving though include offloading, however, some services can be additionally priced. This may include placing heavy stuff in difficult or narrow places, requiring careful handling.
  4. Vehicle on rental: Sometimes, all what an owner might look for is a right sized and professionally driven vehicle. They also might need to shift a good from one city to another, thus vehicle rental becomes necessary.

Apart from this, some of the common packer and mover services are offered to customers in Kakinada:

  • Home Shifting Service: If you want to move your home without hassle, then it’s always recommended to choose local packers and movers in Kakinada which provide home shifting services.
  • Office shifting service: Office relocation can be a burden for a company and takes a lot of energy and time. If you want to save your time while shifting your office, contact us and we will handle everything for you.
  • International Shifting service: Do you want to send any package  abroad? Contact us today and we will help you with this. We provide the best international shifting service. 
  • Vehicle Shifting Service: Vehicle shifting is a common type of mover and packer service, which are needed to shift a vehicle safely from one location to another. We provide vehicle shifting for all types of vehicles.
  • Heavy machinery shifting: Heavy machinery shifting demands proper vehicles for loading carrying. Industries which work on different locations require heavy machinery shifting services. 

Why Hire Professional Packers and Movers in Kakinada

Hiring a professional packer and mover in Kakinada reduces the load, in simple terms. Customers are not required to make elaborate plans and gather numerous resources to relocate. Similarly, activities like commercial shifting or heavy machinery shifting are only possible with an experienced packer and mover. Also, they provide many types of services like pet relocation, commercial relocation, home relocation, warehouse support and packing. Hence, customers are not required to approach any other source for shifting, whether locally, nationally or internationally.

Most packers and movers in Kakinada operate under guidelines and have good handling experience and they nurture the workforce to carry out these tasks. Some benefits of taking professional packer and mover support are as below.

  • Mover and packer in Kakinada have proven expertise. Such firms require zero involvement of the customer and carry out tasks quite intently.
  • Some packer and mover services offer damage claim or insurance also for goods. This resolves the safety concerns of the customer.
  • Approaching a packer and mover helps in saving a lot of time. They cut the time by half.
  • The movement and relocation is the sole responsibility of the packer and mover. They ensure that goods are transported under supervision and loss or damages doesn’t happen. 
  • The packing and moving with a professionally trained workforce happens in a more organized manner.

Do’s and Don’ts Before Moving

Modern homes have all types of furniture, and items such as for porch, or garden area. There are swings, fountains, bathtubs, mirrors which are highly susceptible to damage. Packing such stuff can be a difficult task handle on its own. For such items, special kinds of plastic wraps are available, used to keep them safe. 

When a relocation is decided, it naturally starts unfolding many aspects at the same time. Needs like packing of stuff, cleaning, making lists and boxing are common. Preparing a checklist of tasks before moving on the final day greatly helps. If someone has decided not to take packer and mover service, or has taken partial assistance in shifting, then also checklists can be very useful.


  1. Write down the list of goods.
  2. Check the items you are planning to pack, unpack or label.
  3. Create labels like fragile, non-fragile, heavy, gadgets etc.
  4. Pack stuff room wise, and keep similar stuff in one packet with labels. 
  5. Keep expensive things such as jewelry, watches, cash and wallets in your own custody. 
  6. Unmount dish connection, internet services or any other service that you might be using.
  7. Chalk out plan for the final day of movement.
  8. Think about how offloading will be done.
  9. Plan about positioning of goods at the new base.


  1. Avoid relying on your own self for packing and also seek professional help to lessen damage.
  2. Don’t pack cash and expensive items, along with household goods.
  3. Don’t leave your gardening tools and other pointed things uncovered.
  4. Don’t miss out on a checklist handy before loading for better management.
  5. Loading mettle based furniture can spoil their surface. Keep a check on their packing.
  6. Avoid storing crockery and glass items in haste. Pack them safely before moving.

Moving from one place to another can pose many difficulties. Packing of goods, labeling and preparing them to load takes hours of work. When Hari Om packer and mover in Kakinada take ownership of the relocation task, they bring along years of efficiency and experience. The team of a reliable packer and mover usually arrives at home and packs the goods in a secure manner. They have the required experience in moving and packing. Also, movement in cities like Kakinada gets easy with the help of an experienced packer and mover. And thus, finding the right partner.

FAQ: Packers and Movers in Kakinada

They use special techniques to pack goods. The trained packer team packs stuff in different ways to ensure maximum safety.

Professional packer and mover services are cost effective and make the entire relocation process stress free for customers. Relocation gets easy with a professional team.

Yes. Mover and packer service providers ensure complete safety for goods and items during shifting. They have years of experience in doing the same so it’s completely safe.

Such issues happen on rare occasions. Most packers and movers in Kakinada are responsible and give damage claims to customers incase of an issue.

Customers can check the rates as per the house area, and location needed. They can also compare prices with other packers and movers with the same capacity.

Normally commercial shifting takes 3 days. Several factors can decide the packing and movement and also impact the time taken.

No. Like any other movement, intercity relocation and movement is also carried out with ease.

Yes. We do provide vehicle relocation services also. You can call us or visit our site to check prices and plans.

Sure. We also serve our customers with easy pets relocation in Kakinada. We take special care and ensure that they are safe with us.

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