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Chennai, which is most busy and known for its cultural centre, is known as Gateway to South India. Being in this city and finding out the professional packers and movers in Chennai is quite tiresome since there are lots of businesses all around. And added to it, the hottest city out there, finding out the professional packers & movers requires a lot of research, regular checks and post which had a visit to their physical office and lots of factors need to be considered.

Rather than packing yourself with all the goods with you, hiring professional packers and movers will make you save time and ease up the process. Hence, let’s see the factors, different types of services offered in Chennai & a complete guide in choosing the best packers and movers. And also, go through the testimonials of that packers & movers you are going to hire and finally choose the better one for your shifting.

Factors That Affects Packers And Movers Cost In Chennai:

Hiring professional packers & movers is quite difficult but it’s better to know the list of factors that bring you the difference in packers & movers cost. 

  • The first & foremost important factor is the volume of the goods. Yes, if it’s home shifting, based on the volume of the goods the cost varies accordingly. Added to it, the person whom you choose will have a price range for different weight scales. So, depending on the weight of the goods, the price range goes higher. 
  • Next most important factor is the type of packaging materials that are used. If you possess high-quality items that are fragile, glass items, its mandate is that the packaging materials should be in such a way that doesn’t cause any damage to the goods.
  • So, based on your shifting services and volume of goods, the company decides the number of packing boxes. Hence, based on the number of packing boxes that are used helps in determining the cost factor too. 
  • The most important factor of the cost is how much distance the shifting service is. If you are travelling within Chennai city, the cost differs whereas if it’s from Chennai city to another city, based on which, the cost factor keeps changing.
  • There are various services offered by the packers & movers, so based on your choice and comfort, the cost factor differs. If you choose the service to be more professional & quite on-time delivery and ready to go ahead with a speedy process, according to which cost factor varies.  

Hence, make sure you know these factors, so it would be easier to know before how to plan and book your packers & movers for your safe and smooth shifting services.

Different Types Of Packers And Movers Service In Chennai:

Based on the city you reside & the packers & movers you choose, the services differ. Yes, different companies provide a list of shifting services based on various factors. Before choosing the company for your shifting, its always suggested to do deep extensive research about it, the services provided and then go ahead with it.

1. Home Shifting Services:

These are the services that are generally opted for shifting your home from one location to another. This service is chosen to safely relocate your goods from one city to another. Starting from packing your house items to unpacking it, requires a lot of effort. Hence, choosing a dedicated team that helps you in the end to end process, makes your home shifting process very easy.

2. Domestic Shifting Services:

Travelling within the intercity requires a lot of planning and research. Once you have decided, do hire professional packers & movers that are best in Domestic shifting within the city. You have to make sure that they come in, pack well and deliver it at your doorstep. Sometimes, since this shifting is quite distant, insuring the goods is a factor that needs to be considered.

3. Bike Shifting Services:

Let it be intercity shifting or local shifting, if you think you have to shift your bike with proper care and safety, then hiring packers & movers is the one I recommend. There are some specialized trucks which are designed for shifting your bikes to your desired destination.

4. Car Transportation Services:

When two wheeler shifting is so easier with packers & movers, why not your four-wheeler. Based on your car model and type, there are types of trucks you can opt for. There are closed trucks that carry your car with utmost care without any damage to your vehicle.

5. Office Relocation Services:

Is that your office is shifted and worried about the office equipment and how it can be shifted appropriately? Then, without any second thoughts, you can go with packers & movers that help you in packing with special packing materials for your furniture, laptops, desktops, electronic items as well as additional value items with utmost special care.

6. International Shifting Services:

You’ve been in Chennai then post which got the opportunity to work in Abroad? Worried about your International shifting services? For this, it’s most important that you do deep research in terms of its pricing, the quality of services as well as the teamwork and how safer all your items/goods will reach on time. Since its international shifting, before going with, compare 3-4 deals then decide the best one.

7. Corporate Shifting Services:

This type of shifting services are so tiresome since it’s a huge requirement. This is going to be a big one and shifting the entire BUsiness system to a new place requires a lot of effort and planning too. Hence, choose the companies that provide services with utmost quality.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Packers & Movers In Chennai:

It’s always better you hire professional packers & movers for all your shifting services for various benefits. It’s always advisable to hire a dedicated team that works for you since its time saving and also stress-free.

  • Always hiring professional packers & movers provides you utmost safety of your goods till on-time delivery at your doorstep. And also based on the type of packaging materials they use, you can very well know the quality of their service.
  • The most important factor is the time-saving process. Yes, rather than thinking to save money for not hiring packers & movers, you can opt them for better time saving and also be more stress-free.
  • Hiring professional packers & movers knows what type of packaging materials to be used for shifting services. To avoid damage and breakage of your goods, they pack it in a very safer and secure way.
  • Another add on the value of hiring professional packers & movers is that they ensure your goods. Due to unexpected events, if there is damage to your goods, the total cost is borne by them. You need not worry about the charges.
  • The other important factor of a professional team is they always focus on speedy delivery of your goods on the doorstep. They know how very well they can shift the goods in a quality way and a very efficient manner.

Moving Checklist/Tips To Follow Before Moving:

Now, we have seen the benefits, factors that determine the cost, now we need to consider the checklist before shifting to a new home, office, or international shifting too. This checklist helps you in planning and avoiding last-minute stress etc.

  1. Check on the electrical connections that need to be there in your new location. Make sure you plan accordingly, meet the appropriate board and get in the connection.
  2. Segregate the items which you no longer need to carry or add it to your shifting services.
  3. Hiring affordable packers and movers in Chennai on a prior basis is foremost important since last moment hiring may increase your charges. Hence do proper research on hiring professional packers & movers based on the company’s registration, services offered, testimonials etc.
  4. Contact with the company to know if you need to get the packaging supplies. If so, get the appropriate packaging materials based on the goods you possess. If the materials are of fragile or glass items, make sure it’s packed with utmost care.
  5. Make a note of items, essentials you need to take along with you if travel takes a lot of time. Hence, getting the most essentials and making a note of it is a mandate.

Therefore, knowing the most important checklist and planning accordingly helps you easier shifting services.

A Complete Guide In To Find Best Local Packers And Movers In Chennai:

Before proceeding with the hiring, it’s better to know the process of finding out the local packers and movers in Chennai. If you understand this, it’s easier to find out the appropriate company and have smooth shifting services.

  • Start your research on top shifting services that are in your city. Either you can do self-research on this or ask for recommendations that make the task much easier.
  • After doing deep research, its mandate is to select the top 3 packers & movers and visit their physical office to have a direct discussion on their services offered, the number of years the company is there.
  • After the discussion, you are supposed to look on to the projects it has completed and looked into the legal documents the company has. This gives you much more clarification on the company’s advantages and benefits.
  • Have a regular check on their official website and know about the branches, types of services, testimonials offered.
  • The most important one is the pricing factor & how it is calculated based on which factor. 
  • It’s also mandated to check on the reviews of each service provided by the company. Do a background check of each and everything you know about the company since the money invested doesn’t go into vain.

FAQ: Packers and Movers in Chennai

Yes, it’s important to pay minimum advance payment to confirm your booking. And also, last-minute delay in booking so we get an advance payment.

You have the option of rescheduling the date by prior informing the dedicated person allotted to you. The manager will inform the availability of slots based on the dates.

Yes, this service we can provide free of cost. However, prior intimation will help us in doing this service in a very easier way.

You have an option to change the shifting date from weekdays to weekend, so not a problem. Since this date change is free of cost.

 The packaging materials as well as the vehicle we arrange are all included in the package. Hence, the company will inform you in detail before proceeding with any.

Yes, there is a dedicated team of professionals who works closely for this with unique designed vehicles/trucks for the car as well as for the pets. Since pets needed utmost care till the destination, some caretakers do the work perfectly.


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