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Relocation tasks involve more than one aspect. The customer should prepare in advance before planning to relocate. For shifting, it is normal to go for a packer and mover in Jammu. They have the ability to make movement easy and free from stress. So, whether you are looking for local house shifting or corporate and commercial shifting, rely only on an ideal packing and moving services. There are many types of packers and movers service providers in Jammu. And it is very important to figure out shifting requirements in the first place.

Types of Packers and Movers Service in Jammu

As per the moving and packing service standards, if you are looking for mover and packer service in Jammu then you will find multiple names. Getting the right kind of package for packing and moving should be planned ahead of the relocation day.

Here is a list of basic shifting services provided by packers and movers in Jammu:

  • Home Shifting Service: This type of shifting service mostly is required when a customer is shifting from location to another. This can be a local relocation or intercity relocation.
  • Office shifting service: When offices change their work location, packer and mover service become mandatory. Offices can also go for local and intercity location.
  • Car Carrier service: Car carrier services are common type of mover and packer service, which are needed to shift a vehicle safely from one location to another. It is done locally and across cities.
  • International Shifting service: When loads and goods are shifted from one country to another through cargo or various other forms of transportation system, then it is referred as international shifting services.
  • Warehouse and storage: Often relocation requires storage of goods and items. Many movers and packers service providers have chains of warehouses, which support storage of goods during transition from one location to another.
  • Pet relocation service: Movers and packers provide various relocation services. Pets relocation is one of the services in which pets of different species are moved with utmost care, from one location to another.
  • Local house shifting: When a customer is shifting their home location from one location to another then, movers and packers service providers offer house relocation or shifting services.
  • Corporate shifting: Corporate shifting involves, business or official shifting which is intercity and across an area. An appropriate vehicle selection is mandatory for such a type of shifting.
  • Heavy machinery shifting: Heavy machinery shifting demands proper vehicles for loading carrying. Industries that work on outskirts require heavy machinery shifting services.

Factor that Affect on Packers and Movers Charges in Jammu

If we take commercial or corporate shifting in places like Jammu, we will see that the load can be of different kinds. In comparison to goods at home, commercial and corporate shifting will have heavy to light goods in nature. There will also be gadgets, storage items, and furniture, which is required to, shifted in scratch-free condition. Some commercial shifting can also require the professional packer and mover in Jammu to change its strategy for shifting. In this situation, it is important to have tools and devices to lift heavy furniture from the base.

Most of the time, major factors which impacts commercial shifting are:

  1. Type load: Commercial shifting will have more furniture that is heavy in nature. It would be important to protect the gadgets and goods.
  2. Shifting of location: Identifying the location from where the goods will be picked and dropped, will help in making right decisions without any delays.
  3. Manpower need: When it is about packing and moving, manpower plays the main role. Skilled and professional manpower will make relocation a pleasant experience.
  4. Vehicle: The type of vehicle used for carrying the goods and items will make an impact on the entire budget of the relocation plan.

Why Hire Professional Packers and Movers in Jammu

Shifting and relocation is one of the most crucial tasks and should be planned in advance, especially when it comes to places like Jammu. Like any other city Jammu has a mixed kind of set up, wherein business, commercial and residential demands co exist. Packers and movers are well aware of the landscape in the city. Thus, they can effectively manage relocation from a distant state or within the location, much easily.

There are many such benefits when it comes to professional packers and movers in Jammu: 

  1. Escape the stress of packing: When we receive the news of shifting or relocation, it gives us endless nightmares. Taking out all the stuff from storage boxes, emptying the almirah, and pushing and pulling off expensive furniture can leave you anxious. Some people keep the hopes of changing their domicile hidden due to the stress that comes with movement of goods. To ease out such situations, professional level packers and movers provide specialized services, which not only makes packing easy but also provides safer delivery of good and household items without any tension.
  2. Save time: Packing and preparing stuff for relocation anywhere, requires lots of energy, time and patience. Shifting services usually are based on the total area in a house that is covered. Customers having 1, 2, 3, 4 BHK, mansions or villas will need different categories of manpower and packing needs. It is important to figure out the packing area and other services, which may be required. When a professional team of packing and moving experts carry out relocation, then very less time is consumed. The relocation is done in a hassle-free manner.
  3. Secure valuable goods: Every household has a list of valuable items like gadgets, artwork, showpieces, and imported items. Such items are difficult to pack and prepare for transit from one place to another. Many times, proper packing equipment is required to cover such items from damage. A trained team of packer and mover services providers in Jammu comes prepared to ensure safe transit of such goods. Special types of packing is applied in customizable form to ensure that the stuff stays safe as it is loaded and taken to destination.
  4. Professional handling: Skilled staff of mover and packer service employ skilled staff who have years of experience in managing entire loading and unloading operations. There are various types of relocation services such as Home Shifting Service, Office Shifting service, Car Carrier service, International Shifting service, Warehouse and storage, Pet relocation service, Local house shifting, Corporate shifting and Heavy machinery shifting. Such kinds of segregated shifting tasks required very skilled manpower at work, to ensure full proof safety of goods.
  5. Warehousing support: Professional packers and movers services providers have warehouses and tie-ups to facilitate supply and smooth transit of goods from one place to another. Scenario for warehouse support arises, when goods like heavy equipment or machinery need to be sent from one state to another. The transit may take time and crossing inter-state borders needs approvals. Hence, storage machineries or such goods, which need a preconditioned environment, make relocation possible.
  6. Vehicle and logistics support: The vehicle and logistics support is at another level with mover and packer service provider. Whether there are equipment, goods or household items, hired relocation services ensure that suitable vehicles as per the size, shape and weight of the goods are used for movement. As a result, customers can simply trust that the goods will reach in proper condition to the destination.

Do’s and Don’ts Before Moving

When a customer decides to move and wants to select a reliable moving and packing partner, then few things should be clear before shortlisting. Customers should do intensive hunting and plan their relocation needs. Several types of movement can happen and finding which type of vehicle or number of workforce will be required. While doing so, following some do’s and don’ts can surely help in remaining cautious and avoiding any incidents. 


  • Make a detailed list of items. Label them as small, big, heavy and fragile to make it look clear.
  • Decide on a time frame in which you would like to shift to the new place. Time management is an essential part of relocation.
  • Search extensively for mover and packer services providers in Jammu, which have good quality experience and have decent clientele.
  • Before finalizing any service provider, check their credentials and most importantly, the cost effectiveness for the service you are looking for.
  • Fix a visit or schedule face-to-face meeting to know how the plan for movement will work.
  • On the final day, stay prepared with all the details like vehicle number, hours required, phone numbers of the drivers and coordinator.


  1. Avoid attempting to pack fragile items like tube lights, lamp shade, crockery at your own risk.
  2. Do not try to unmount electrical gadgets that otherwise need expert support.
  3. Refrain from packing items filled with moveable stuff. For example, keep in mind to empty the cupboard before packing it.
  4. Don’t load items like mirrors, chandeliers without special kind of packing. They can suffer damage due to reckless handling.
  5. Harmful liquids and equipment like rat poison, fire extinguisher, pest killers should not be mixed with essential home items.
  6. Avoid keeping liquids items without putting a cap on. And keep them tightly closed and properly packed before movement.
  7. Don’t load your expensive and delicate houseplants in haste and without covering.
  8. Expensive suede or velvet carpets and rugs can get torn while packing and loading. Ensure that they’re packed well in a customized package.

FAQ: Packers and Movers in Jammu

Our services include Home Shifting Service, Office Shifting service, Car Carrier service, International Shifting service, Warehouse and storage, Pet relocation service, Local house shifting, Corporate shifting and Heavy machinery shifting. The packages are around these shifts and the criteria depends on number of workers, time, location and the house area. Normally, we offer premium, standard and basic packer and mover packages.

The timeline for medium to small office shifting is 3-4 days. The movement is smooth and we ensure that all the stuff is packed and transited to a new location, without any hassles. If the office area is big then shifting might take 6-7 days or more, depending upon workforce and travel for new location factors.

We offer insurance for claim on damage as per our mover and packer packages. Rest if the customer selects customized packing and moving services, then also we cover damage via insurance claim. Customers can get individual items insured as per their convenience.

Yes, our team is spread across continents. We have a strong network of warehouses across cities and countries to support all kinds of moving and packing needs. We have multiple teams which ensure smooth handovers and movement at every border of different states.

Our payments are simple and easy. We take full upfront payments and ensure that our customers get exceptional services, everytime they contact us. We are contemplating flexible payment plans on a monthly basis.

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