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India has a diverse landscape. The culture and essence of each city is different from one another. Some cities fall under tier 1 category while others are categorized in tier 2 and tier 3. The availability of services, standard of living and development decides the category in which the city falls. In comparison, Guwahati is an emerging metropolitan city, which is being explored 7and being developed. Here shifting happens on a regular basis. High percentages of people working in commercial entities of cities like Guwahati relocate and transport vital goods, frequently. If you are searching for Local Packer and mover in Guwahati then welcome to Hariom movers.

Packing and moving are common services availed by millions of people in Guwahati. Everyday there are different types of relocation taking place across multiple states in India. The main forms of relocation and shifting services are Home Shifting Service, Office shifting service, International Shifting service, Corporate shifting, Car Carrier service, Pet relocation service and Heavy machinery shifting.

Types Of Packers And Movers Services In Guwahati

Most movers and packers in Guwahati load, unload, pack and transport customer goods and belongings from one place to another. They offer manpower and vehicles for transportation. In intercity relocation, they have the experience to cross interstate borders. For local relocation, the transportation and goods shifting can take place within a day’s time.

The services provided by a packer and mover may be of the same nature but some packing and moving services offer insurance claims and other additional packing services through packages. 

  1. Packing: Packing is the foremost requirement in any relocation. There are different kinds of packing paperboard or carton packing, plastic box packing etc.
  2. Loading: Packers offer loading of goods and items on all occasions. This type of service also offers insurance of goods and customers can claim damages.
  3. Goods positioning: Customers need help with positioning of goods in new locations. Additional manpower can be required for such tasks.

Factors That Affect On Packers And Movers Charges In Guwahati

Availability of workforce, and vehicle support make relocation or shifting manageable tasks, when done by packers and movers. Experienced packers employ trained professionals to carry out shifts within defined time. Apart from this, some reasons that influence packer and mover costs can change as per customer requirement. Below is the list of main factors.

  • List of goods and items
  • Destination for relocation
  • Manpower need
  • Additional services
  • Packing and loading type
  • Area of the house

Be it corporate shifting, vehicle relocation, machinery and equipment relocation and also pets handling services, packers and movers in Guwahati do a better job. Some packers and movers provide loading and movement services across all cities. While others may or may not specialize in vehicle load carrying services. Customers should select a packer and mover, which specialize in the services, which they want to get fulfilled.

Why Hire A Professional Packers And Movers In Guwahati

The basics of selecting a mover and packer service in Guwahati provider is by matching the need with expertise of the moving and packing team. Working out the next relocation with a professional packer and mover will not only save time but also be efficient and organized. 

During a relocation process, a professional packer has knowledge of all scenarios that can crop up during packing, loading, unpacking and repositioning in a new location. All that the customer needs to do is share the carriages and goods information with the provider. 

Some benefits of taking professional packer and mover support are:

  • Some packer and mover service providers provide damage claim or insurance also for goods. This resolves the safety concerns of the customer.
  • The packing and moving with a professionally trained workforce happens in a more organized manner. Loss and damages will be at the minimum.
  • A verified professional mover and packer will provide value for money and trustworthy services. In case of any incident, the relocation partner will promptly support and will resolve issues.
  • Professional trained workforce can greatly cover time spent in packing and loading. That is, by far, very difficult to handle alone by customers. 
  • Safety of goods and items is best assured by a professional mover and packer. They have years of experience and can manage all kinds of furniture, expensive items, and equipment with proper care.
  • Mover and packer have proven expertise then they can simply sit back and relax. Such firms require zero involvement of the customer and carry out tasks quite intently.
  • Entire shifting process will be the sole responsibility of the packer and customers can count on their services.

Shifting services are different types and offer multiple relocation options to customers. To make it easier for your understanding, here are main types of packer and movers services available in Guwahati:

  • House Shifting Service: House shifting service is commonly required when someone is shifting house from one place to another. This can be a local house relocation or intercity house relocation. 
  • Heavy machinery shifting: When heavy machineries are shifted from one place to another through cargo or various other forms of transportation system, then it is referred to as heavy machinery shifting services.
  • International Shifting service: International shifting demands proper vehicles for loading and carrying goods from one country to another. Industries or companies that work internationally require international shifting services.
  • Corporate shifting: When offices are shifted from one place to another through cargo or various other forms of transportation system, then it is referred to as corporate shifting services. It is done locally, across cities or sometimes internationally.
  • Car Carrier service: Car shifting service is commonly required when someone is shifting car from one place to another. This can be a local car relocation or intercity car relocation.
  • Pet relocation service: Pet relocation services are a common type of mover and packer service, which are needed to shift a pet safely from one location to another.  Hari Om Movers and packers provide various pet relocation services.

Do’s And Don’ts Before Moving

Before scheduling the day for final movement, ensure that you are ready with a list of essentials at your end too. For instance, you may want to keep some stuff away from vehicular boarding. And some valuable needs to be in your custody only. Here is a complete list of do’s and don’ts before moving out with your goods.

Do’s list before packers and movers:

  1. Write down the list of goods.
  2. Check the items you are planning to pack, unpack or label.
  3. Create labels like fragile, non-fragile, heavy, gadgets etc.
  4. Pack stuff room wise, and keep similar stuff in one packet with labels. 
  5. Keep expensive things such as jewelry, watches, cash and wallets in your own custody. 
  6. Unmount dish connection, internet services or any other service that you might be using.
  7. Chalk out plan for the final day of movement.
  8. Plan about positioning of goods at the new base.


  1. Avoid relying on your own self for packing and also seek professional help to lessen damage.
  2. Don’t pack cash and expensive items, along with household goods.
  3. Don’t leave your gardening tools and other pointed things uncovered.
  4. Don’t miss out on a checklist handy before loading for better management.
  5. Loading mettle-based furniture can spoil their surface. Keep a check on the packing of such items.
  6. Avoid storing crockery and glass items in haste. Pack them safely before moving.
  7. Keep bubble wrap handy for packing small items.

How To Find Best Local Packers And Movers In Guwahati:

People who are shifting their base for the first time, need not to worry. Shifting can seem a lengthy and tiring process but choosing the right partner for moving and packing can make things quite easy. First of all, understand the services provided by the packer and mover. Then, see charges and make a decision. In any case, packing and transportation services are needed during shifting. Hence, before moving, it is vital to check the credentials of packer and mover.

In a line up for packer and mover services providers, all you need to do is find the best local packer and mover in Guwahati as per the shifting type and requirement. Below tips can greatly help in this direction. Hariom local packers and movers in Guwahati will help to move your goods with safe hands.

  • Look for the price versus services ration. If you are an individual, select customized packages and incase of a business select predefined packages (they work best in terms of cost). 
  • List out all packers and movers near your locality. This will ensure that the service provider arrives on time and will not be coming from a far-flung area.
  • Check the terms and conditions lined by the packer and mover and match it with your requirement. Also, find out the scenarios in which the goods cost will be covered in insurance.
  • Meet the service provider at their office and evaluate their services. Understand the process and safety measures they follow during each movement.
  • Do some online research and check for testimonials on the website of the packer and mover service provider.
  • Evaluate payment terms beforehand. Some providers may demand 100% payment upfront while others can have totally different payment models.

FAQ: Packers and Movers in Guwahati

Professional packer and mover services save time and are cost effective. They also ease the stress of movement, packing, loading and unloading.

Mover and packer services specialize in all kinds of relocation services. We offer services like packing of goods, movement, loading and unloading of goods from one place to another. All the services are customizable or can be asked in the form of a package.

We provide complete safety for goods and items during movement. We follow standards for items varying in sizes, fragility index and weight.

Yes. We value our customers and hence, our services are highly customized. We also provide goods insurance in case of items which are sensitive to damage in nature. We have molded our services in a way that all types of customer needs can be met.

Goods insurance is available only on demand. And will be applied to goods which are highly fragile in nature and face damage. You can check final terms and conditions with us personally.

You can call us directly or visit our website and leave your contact number. We call back our customers and ensure that their relocation needs are fulfilled.

No. Like any other movement, local relocation and movement is also carried out with ease. We don’t compromise on our delivery timelines, in any way.

Yes. We do provide the service, please check our page and find out more information or call us.

Yes. We do provide vehicle relocation services also. You can call us or visit our site to check prices and plans.

Sure. We also serve our customers with easy pets relocation. We take special care and ensure that they are safe with us.

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